Baden Perfection Leather Game Ball

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Introducing the Perfection Leather Volleyball, Baden’s pinnacle offering tailored for the discerning athlete. Crafted meticulously from the ground up, every aspect has been honed to perfection, making it the esteemed Official Court Volleyball of the AVCA.

Key Features:

  • Official Court Volleyball of the AVCA and Official Women’s Volleyball of NAIA.
  • Specifically engineered for collegiate, club, and high school indoor gameplay.
  • Utilizes top-grade, full-grain leather hand-picked for durability, softened through an innovative tanning process to minimize sting.
  • Incorporates the lightest possible bladder for optimal weight and performance, wrapped in blended cotton for superior shape retention.
  • Delivers a consistent, soft feel across its surface, achieved by refining the valve system for undetectable play impact.
  • NFHS approved for indoor competition.

In the pursuit of excellence, Baden has spared no effort in designing the Perfection Leather Volleyball for athletes, employing only the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. Join us in celebrating the Perfection Series, where quality meets performance on every serve, spike, and set.

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